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Checklist of the Dermaptera of Oklahoma

There are about 1200 species of earwigs worldwide, but most are found in tropical areas. Only 22 species have been reported from America north of Mexico and at least 12 of these are introduced from Europe or the tropics. Only 4 species are known to be established in Oklahoma and 3 of these are introduced. A few specimens of the European earwig (Forficula auricularia L.) have been collected in Oklahoma but it is not thought to be established.

Keys to the species may be found in Helfer (1972) and Langston & Powell (1975). Neither of these specifically report any species of earwig from Oklahoma. A more recent key to the eastern U. S. species is by Hoffman (1987).

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Checklist and Bibliography of Oklahoma Dermaptera:

  • Carcinophoridae ... (ring-legged earwigs)
  • Forficulidae ... (European and spine-tailed earwigs)
  • Labiduridae ... (striped earwigs)
  • Labiidae ... (little earwigs)