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Topic PI Amount
A greenhouse integrated pest managment
(IPM) workshop
Mike Schnelle 2,276
Tillage and cropping systems to increase
dryland crop production in southwest Oklahoma
Gary Strickland 3,052
Innovative cultural controls for management
of beet curly top virus in tomato
Brian Kahn 3,330
Flea and tick facts: an IPM program for
Tulsa county
Sue Gray 5,967
Stored grain insect pest model: implementation
and validation for lesser grain borer and rusty
grain beetle
Al Sutherland and Tom Phillips 14,500
Alternative non-chemical methods for control
of burrowing pests in cropland, pastureland, and
turf environments
Roy Don Hanan 3,370
Integrated pest management awareness for youth Mary Peck 2,113
IPM needs assessment for Oklahoma
St. Augustine turfgrass
Jim Shrefler 4,245
Combining foliar fungicides and variety resistance increases wheat profitability: fact or folly? Jeff Edwards 3,866
Increasing the profitability of Oklahoma cotton
through the adaptation of new transgenic technologies
Shane Osborne 7,282