2 0 0 3   M I N I   G R A N T S   F U N D E D

Topic PI Amount
Integrated weed management of grazing lands
in eastern Oklahoma
Chris Rice 8,750
Refining insect and disease management
in Oklahoma peaches and development of a Mesonet-based prediction system for timing
fungicide treatments
Phil Mulder & Ken Jackson 9,200
An integrated research and extension program
to continue incorporation of IPM principles into Oklahoma's emerging wine grape industry
Dean McCraw 7,512
IPM training program and toolkit for food
service managers and early childhood education center directors
Sue Gray 3,938
Field validation of an insect flight activity model as
a decision-support tool for when to fumigate stored wheat in Oklahoma
Christian Nansen 4,700
Maximizing master gardener information Jim Criswell 1,900
Tillage and cropping systems to increase
dryland crop production in southwest Oklahoma
Gary Strickland 10,370