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Topic PI Amount
An Innovative, extension e-learning program to incorporate IPM principles into Oklahoma's Pecan industry via Internet education Phil Mulder 6,000
A proactive program to foster incorporation of
IPM principles into Oklahoma's Emerging Wine
Grape Industry
Dean McCraw 16,670
Integrated Weed Management of Grazinglands in Eastern Oklahoma Chris K. Rice 7,520
Development and testing of closed loop fumigation
(CLF) system at SPREC as continual demonstration
of improved IPM grain storage training for OK elevator workers, grain producers, and OK extension staff
Jim T. Criswell 7,900
Economic thresholds for aphids on wheat forage Kristopher Giles 5,500
Aphid resistance in arrowleaf clover John Caddel 6,500
Yardsmart 2002 Paul Johnson 1,910