2 0 0 1   M I N I   G R A N T S   F U N D E D

Topic PI Amount
A total extension educational program to
implement integrated pest management for
Oklahoma pecan producers
Dean McCraw, Sharon von Broembsen, & Phil Mulder 8,000
Integrated soybean management production
in Oklahoma-development and dissemination
of IPM information
Phil Pratt 5,325
The use of an Enid, Oklahoma housing addition for managing environmentally sensitive landscapes: A model system Mike Schnelle 5,000
An extension educational program to deliver integrated pest management to Washita County youth Mary Peck 2,700
Using integrated pest management education to
assist in the control of the red imported fire ant
Justin McDaniel & Harold Stephens 2,100
Timing insecticidal applications to preserve native ant species in areas infested with Solenopsis invicta buren, the red imported fire ant J. T. Vogt 7,000
Foliar diseases in watermelon - a short course in
their biology and demonstration of their management
James Shrefler 2,800

The Internet to disseminate integrated
forage infomation

John Caddel 4,000
Managing pests of leafy greens crops destined for processing markets Jonathan Edelson & John Damicone 2,400