Powdery Mildews

Causal Agent: 125 to more than 300 powdery mildew species
Hosts: More than 7000 host plants have been identified worldwide, and include a wide range from ornamentals to fruit trees to field crops.
Symptoms: Obligate parasitic fungi that grow mainly on the surfaces of leaves and other aerial plant parts. The superficial fungal growth often appears powdery. The fungi usually penetrate and parasitize the epidermal cells and produce a layer that diverts water and food materials to the fungal cells. Although severe mildew infections have little impact on vigor, they may cause dwarfing, distortion, chlorosis, premature browning of leaves, and supressed growth rate. Fungi may be active at a wide range of temperatures and humidity levels.
Control: Please contact your local county extension office for current information.
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